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Formula Syntax

Formulas and Functions

  • Formulas are equations that combine values and cell references with operators to calculate a result.
  • Functions are prebuilt formulas that can be quickly fed values without the need to write the underlying formula yourself. Functions also allow the formula to access other cubes, and object properties within the MODLR instance.

Operators Used in Formulas and Functions

Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic Operators are used to perform mathematical calculations

^To the power of
&Concatenate (Strings)

Logical Operators

Logical Operators are used to perform logical operations which test how the arguments relate to each other.

=Is equal to
~Is not equal to
>Is greater than
<Is less than
>=Is greater than or equal to
<=Is less than of equal to

Logical Functions

Logical functions allow the user to use logical operators and conditionally evaluate only a portion of the whole formula. For more information on these functions visit the Cube Functions section of the documentation portal.

  • IF
  • AND
  • OR

Operator Precedence

If several operations occur in an expression, each part is evaluated and resolved in a predetermined order called Operator Precedence. Parentheses can be used to override the order of precedence and evaluate some parts of an expression before others. Operations within parentheses are always performed before those outside. Within parentheses, however, normal Operator Precedence is maintained.