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Adds the input number to the cell intersection.

If the cell is a consolidation intersection, slices to the populated child cells and proportionately adds to the child cell value.

Proportion is based on the following:

childCellValue/sumOfAllChildCellValues * inputNumber
childCellValue/sumOfAllChildCellValues * inputNumber


/add inputNumber
/add inputNumber

inputNumber - the number amount to be added to the cell intersection.


Dataspreading Workview Before /addDataspreading Workview After /addDataspreading Workview

  • 2/3 of the inputNumber of 1000 was added to Direct Revenue cell.
  • 1/3 of the inputNumber of 1000 was added to the Direct Cost of Goods cell.

Example Hierarchy Used

Dataspreading Hierarchy


  • /add does not work on string measures.
  • /add does not work if the cell or descendant cells are equal to 0.
  • /add does not correctly add the inputNumber to the consolidation cell if the consolidation cell includes populated children where the value of the child will be flipped through the use of [-1] element signage.