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About Applications

An application is a curated section of a single Model. Applications provide users with a set of screens which assist in directing the user through a business function such as a Budgeting Round, Profitability Analysis or Regular Report.

Applications a comprised of five objects:

ContributorsPeople who can access the reports, enter information and play with modelling workviews within an Application are called contributors.
Planning ScreensPlanning Screens are the pages within the Activity which collaborators can see. They are either custom pages containing text, instructions or visualisations or workviews for planning.
Access TagsYour contributors are tagged with access rights so that they can read and write to their responsibility areas. You can provide or deny access on the following areas of an application:
  • Planning Screens
  • Intersections of information within a cube.
e.g. Users can change the budget in FY2017 and have read only access to Actuals.
Custom PagesThese are webpages which can display simple text and images created using a document editor or HTML, CSS and JavaScript coded to create beautiful visualisations and interactive planning systems. Custom pages can also be Dashboards or server-side scripts.