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Sets the cell intersection to the input number.

If the cell is a consolidation intersection, slices to the populated child cells and proportionately sets the child cell value based on the input number.

Proportion is based on the following:

childCellValue/sumOfAllChildCellValues * inputNumber
childCellValue/sumOfAllChildCellValues * inputNumber


/set inputNumber
/set inputNumber

inputNumber - the number amount to set the cell intersection to.


/set Workview Before /setBefore /set After /setAfter /set

  • 3/4 of the inputNumber of 2000 was set to the Direct Cost of Goods cell.
  • 1/4 of the inputNumber of 2000 was set to the Indirect Cost of Goods cell.

Example Hierarchy Used

Dataspreading Hierarchy


  • /set does not work on string measures.
  • /set does not work if the cell or descendant cells are equal to 0.
  • /set does not correctly set the inputNumber to consolidation cell if the consolidation cell includes populated children where the value of the child will be flipped through the use of [-1] element signage.