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Creating Workviews

Workviews act as a window to a section of the underlying cube. Each workview pulls data form a single Cube. Users with a role of Modeller can perform multiple development actions while within the Workview Editor.

Development ActivityDescription
Add and Remove Dimensions from the underlying CubeWithin the Dimension Management panel within a Workview, Modellers can add and remove dimensions from the underlying cube. This will wipe the data held within the cube and may also break many workviews which are attached to the same cube.
Add Data Validation to a Measure Dimension ElementSelect a String Measure Element and the Data Validation Menu Icon becomes enabled. This button will bring up the data validation menu. Data validation exists on the Cube and will then affect any workview which reports the same measure.
Add, Edit, Reorder and Remove Cube Formula
Create Visualisation Workviews

Workview Diagram