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Provides commands that enables the editing of the model.

Manage Variables

Manage Variables

Clicking on Manage Variables will open the Variables window.


Provides the ability to change variable values.


Model dropdown allows the selection of which models variables to manage.

Variables Model Select

The + button allows for the creation of new variables in the selected model. The ⟳ button will refresh the variables.

Right clicking on a variable provides the options to edit or delete the variable.

Variables Options

Execute Process

Execute Process

Clicking on Execute Process will open the Processes window.


Provides the ability to run processes.


Model dropdown allows the selection of which models processes to view.

Processes Model Select

The ⟳ button will refresh the processes list.

Right clicking on a process provides the option to execute the process.

Processes Options

When a process that requires input is executed, prompts for the inputs will appear as window, one by one for each input required.

Processes Input