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Functions Overview

The MODLR excel add-in includes functions that allow the retrieval and sending of data to MODLR.

  • AliasGet(applicationName, dimension, aliasName, elementName)
  • ChildCount(applicationName, dimension, hierarchy, elementName)
  • ChildGet(applicationName, dimension, hierarchy, elementName, index)
  • CubeGet(applicationName, cube, ...elementNameN)
  • CubeGetFirst(applicationName, cube, ...elementNameN)
  • CubeSend(sentValue, applicationName, cube, ...elementNameN)
  • ParentCount(applicationName, dimension, hierarchy, elementName)
  • ParentGet(applicationName, dimension, hierarchy, elementName, index)
  • VariableGet(applicationName, variableName)


Many of the MODLR excel add-in functions will be named and act similar to their process and formula function counter parts.