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Installation and Setup

Embark on your journey by mastering the installation and configuration process. From setting up MODLR for Excel on your system to configuring the add-in to suit your needs, this section will ensure you're up and running smoothly.

Operating Requirements

Before diving in, make sure your system is prepared to maximize your experience:


Mac OS and Linux Operating Systems versions of MS Excel does not support the same level of integration as is needed for low level integration with MODLR. As such these platforms are not supported.

Step by Step Guide

Download the MODLR for Excel install file

Download the installer for the latest version of the MODLR for Excel plugin. The latest version can be found here (this link will download the file immediately without opening a separate page). The install file will be downloaded as a zipped folder.

Close Excel

Before starting the installation process, close any windows of Excel you may have open on your device.

Extract the installer

The installer executable needs to be extracted from the compressed folder. Right-click on the downloaded zipped folder, and click 'Extract All...'.

Extract all

This will open a window confirming where the folder should be extracted to. Click the 'Extract' button to extract the install files in the same location as the download.


The installer should now be accessible.

Run the install file

Open the extracted folder, and double-click on the setup.exe file to start the installation wizard. This will bring up the installation wizard window.


If you have previously installed the addin, you will need to uninstall it prior to installing the new version.


Running the installation executable requires administrative permissions to run. If you do not have administrative rights on your device, you may need to contact your system administrator.


A Windows protected your PC warning may appear on the running of the setup.exe.

Click More info to see additional options. Warning

Click Run anyway to continue with the installation.


Install wizard

Install the plugin

Click 'Next >' and follow the instructions in the installation window until it is complete.

Open Excel

Open Excel on your device, and open a spreadsheet. You should now see the MODLR tab near the top, next to the Help tab.

MODLR ribbon


If the MODLR tab is not visible at this point, the plugin will need to be enabled through Excel.

Enable MODLR for Excel plugin

Open Excel Options

Click 'File' in the top-left corner of your Excel window, then click 'Options' at the very bottom of the window. This will open the Excel Options window.

Manage Excel Add-ins

Click 'Add-ins', and then click the 'Go...' button next to the 'Manage: Excel Add-ins' drop-down.

Manage add-ins

Enable Excel plugin

This will bring up a small Add-ins window. Make sure that 'MODLRLib' is checked, and then click 'OK'.

Add-ins window

The MODLR for Excel plugin should now be installed, enabled, and ready to use.

Manage COM Add-ins

Select 'COM Add-ins' in the Manage drop-down, and then click the 'Go...' button next to the 'Manage: COMS Add-ins' drop-down.

Manage add-ins

Enable COMS plugin

This will bring up a small Add-ins window. Make sure that 'MODLRLib' is checked, and then click 'OK'.

Add-ins window

The MODLR for Excel plugin should now be installed, enabled, and ready to use.


When logging in through the MODLR excel add-in, if an old version of the add-in is detected there will be a prompt to download the latest version. Alternatively the latest version can be downloaded manually here or through the MODLR excel add-in settings. After downloading the latest version of the MODLR excel add-in, follow the installation and setup instructions above to complete the update.

Installation troubleshooting

If you have any issues using the plugin, especially after an update to Windows or Excel, please try a clean installation of the plugin. This can be done by simply running the setup.exe executable file again to uninstall the plugin (select 'Remove MODLR for Excel' in the installation wizard), and installing the plugin again.

Still having issues?

Contact us through the support portal.